Guidelines for the Competition:

1. Competition is open for all ages. Everyone is encouraged to participate, either kids, youths or elderly people. Registration is free.

2. Level will be decided by your Date of Birth. There are total 3 levels:
i) Under 10 years - Baby Krishna - e.g. Krishna eating/stealing makhan etc.
ii) 10 to 15 years - Yashoda Krishna - e.g. Yashoda holding Krishna, Damodar Lila, Krishna showing Brahmanda pastime etc. iii) Above 15 years - Krishna in Vrindavan - Any pastime of Krishna in Vrindavan e.g. lifting Govardhan, playing on the banks of Yamuna, grazing cows, killing demons etc.

3. You can choose any type of drawing equipment as per wish, i.e. pencil colours, was colours, paints or A4 size sheet or on a chart paper. Anything is ok and will be accepted.

Mandatory: Write your name also in the message.

5. Results will be declared on Janmastami. Each level's drawings will be evaluated separately.