Refund Policy

Policy Owner

Director, Finance & Administration



Contact Officer:

Senior Accountant



Policy Number:

SB 101



Approved by:

Senior Management Group



Date Approved:

August 2020



Last Reviewed:

August 2020



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1.1.The purpose of this policy is to provide clear information on the refund Policy for

International Society for Krishna Consciousness.

1.2.This policy is in line with the rules and Regulations set for Donations to Religious Organizations, Govt of India

2.Organisational Scope

2.1.This policy applies to all persons who have initiated a donation towards the International Society for Krishna Consciousness Warangal

3.Policy Principles

3.1.The information in this document outlines the circumstances under which a donor may receive a refund for his donation amount

3.2.This policy and the availability of ISKCON Warangal’s refund policy may be subject to change.

4.Policy Content


4.1.1Any person donating any amount of money in electronic form to ISKCON Warangal via the website is called a donor in the sense of this policy.


4.2.1As your donation is being made online without our assistance or involvement we ask that you complete your details and the amount of your donation carefully as it involves a substantial amount of administrative time to deal with and rectify any errors

4.2.2Change In heart on Donation :

ISKCON Warangal holds the right to deny any refund amount based on a person’s change in mind. It is for this reason that we ask that you make your choice to donate carefully. However genuine errors can be rectified by emailing on

4.2.3Errors in Amount Pledged :

In case a donor has made a mistake which may include entering the unintended amount, and the amount was debited from the donor’s account such claim can be forwarded to ISKCON Warangal via emailing the exact transaction details and other necessary information to This email must be sent within 72 hours of the transaction time logged on ISKCON Warangal Database. Within a week your claim will be assessed by the Temple Finance Committee and the amount will be refunded within 3-5

business days of verifying the mail. In case of additional charges if needed to process the refund , all such charges must be borne by the donor.

4.2.4Error by Us

In case a representative of ISKCON Warangal or any payment gateway used by the organization is the cause of an error, total amount shall be refunded by ISKCON Warangal after necessary dealings with the donor. In this case the donor is advised to provide accurate contact information while donating. Also all additional processing charges for refund will be borne by ISKCON Warangal in this regard.

4.2.5Refunds will be paid back in the currency that the donor used to make the donation.

4.2.6Refunds will be redirected to the same Credit / DebitCard / Wallet that the donor used during the transaction. After issuing the transaction to the corresponding banking trust, ISKCON is in no way responsible for further delay.


5.Administrative procedures

5.1.This policy and related documentation is accessible by clicking on the Policies and Procedures menu item on the ISKCON Warangal homepage at:

5.2.This policy and related procedures will be communicated to staff via email and ongoing staff information sessions. New staff will receive policy information during the induction process if an understanding of the process is related to their responsibilities